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A pair of bamboo


WELLINGTON, July 6 (Xinhua) -- A pair of bamboo umbrellas drew public attentions in Wellington, along with series of Chinese products of creative design, during the ""Beautiful Zhejiang Cultural Festival"" held in New Zealand Portrait Gallery on Wednesday.

With the theme of ""Integration"", the exhibition brought products of daily life created by young designers from Chinese Zhejiang Province, aiming to represent oriental aesthetics and the beauty of crafts design.

Jianguo Yu, the curator of the exhibition, told Xinhua that they try to bring creative ideas with simple designs to kiwis. The exhibition, which displayed in many countries before, includes some international award winning designs. It will showcase contemporary Chinese art designing, as well as to bring Chinese creative products into the international scene and be appreciated worldwide.

The Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand Wang Lutong said that all the products in the exhibition designed and made by very young and talented artists from Zhejiang Province with natural materials. It is a part of the cooperation on creative industries between New Zealand and China.

""In the world of technology, creation still matters. It gives us the inspirations and holds a unique place in our heart. Arts, culture and creative industries are also important to our commons and business, therefore it is vital to our wellbeing,"" said Wang.

As a fan of Chinese art, Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown sees Chinese calligraphy and traditional painting as ""something frozen in time."" She said that the creative products of Chinese art in the exhibition are examples of craft, technology and beauty of ""today's life"".

""I think this exhibition, in particular, brings an understanding of contemporary Chinese art design. We often see many beautiful landscape paintings, lovely calligraphy scrolls. Today's exhibition is something quite different for Wellington people,"" said Wade-Brown.

The exhibition is organized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture, Chinese Cultural Center in New Zealand and Wellington City Council. Zhejiang and Wellington city entered into a strategic economic partnership in 2012.

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